GOD mode with Active admin gem.

Implementing GOD mode in Active Admin

####Number of clients asked me if it is possible to add GOD mode in application, where admin user will be able to login as any of other user and perform the operations as that user.


  • Your app is a Rails application.
  • Your application is using Devise for authentication.
  • Active Admin implementation.

Let’s do some code:

  • I am assuming you are having one model named User.
  • First open up file myawesomeproject/admin/user.rb and add the following code there.
action_item :view, only: :show do
  link_to 'Login as User', sign_in_as_user_path(user_id: resource.id), :target => "_blank"
  • Add path in config/routes.rb
 get "/sign_in_as_user" => "sessions#sign_in_as_user"
  • You might have noticed I am pointing it to a normal URL outside the active admin actions, the reason is I want to use sign_in method that devise provides, it is available in the Devise::SessionsController.

  • Now override the sessions controller by inheriting from Devise::SessionsController and put this code inside.

  before_filter :check_admin_signed_in, only: :sign_in_as_user

  def sign_in_as_user
  _user = User.find_by_id params[:user_id]
  if _user.present? and _user.confirmed?
    sign_in("user", _user)
    redirect_to root_path, notice: "Signed in as user"
    redirect_to admin_users_path, notice: "Record not found"

  def check_admin_signed_in
    redirect_to root_path, notice: 'Unauthorized Access' unless current_admin_user.present?

Happy Coding :)

Written on April 25, 2015

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