Live Reload in Rails

Live Reload is basically updating your stylesheets and views when you are changing your files without reloading. Its a great way to be more productive while you just need to focus on your code and rest is handled by scripts to show you the changes.

Introduction with Meteor.js:

  • This year while working with on a project I came across a new framework i.e. Meteor. Its an awesome JS framework but one thing that I loved was live reload.

  • After checking out that Meteor thing I thought it would be great if I can do the same with Rails so tried out.

  • Live Reload works this way, you just change the code of view part and voila it updates automatically in the browser you don’t need to reload your browser tab.

  • If you change some .erb|.haml|.slim template it will reload automacially.

  • Here is the guide how you can remove this hassle of reloading browsers again and again.


Setup Steps:

  • Add the following content in your Gemfile
  gem 'guard'
  gem 'guard-livereload', '~> 2.4', require: false
  • Install chrome live reload plugin.

  • Then run the Guard installer, it will generate config files for Guard.

  bundle exec guard init
  • It will generate the guardfile and there you need to add the following code.
  guard 'livereload', grace_period: 0, apply_css_live: true do
    # Rails Assets Pipeline
    watch(%r{(app|vendor)(/assets/\w+/(.+\.(css|js|html|png|jpg))).*}) { |m| "/assets/#{m[3]}" }
    watch(%r{(app|vendor)(/assets/\w+/(.+)\.(scss))}) { |m| "/assets/#{m[3]}.css" }
  • Once its done and you have live reload plugin installed in your browser, you need to run Guard, I do it using Foreman Gem. Its an awesome background process manager for Ruby.

  • It requires a procfile to work. In procfile you can define the tasks you need to run in background. here is the sample procfile:-

    guard:            bundle exec guard
  • Once Guard is running, we need to connect the live reload plugin with the guard by clicking on it.

  • Once you click on the plugin on the console it should show browser is connected.

  • Yeeeey that’s all you need to do now hack your code without even bothering about reloading it after every small change.

  • Go and change any JS/CSS or *.erb file it will reload the browser page and JS and CSS will be reloaded without even reloading the page.

PS: There is a Livereload app for Mac as well, Its paid but yeah its faster than this setup. :)

Happy Coding :)

Written on November 16, 2015

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